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ISOJ 2017 - Video everywhere - Live, VR, and 360 - Ethar El-Katatney

ISOJ 2017 - Video everywhere - Live, VR, and 360 - Ethar El-Katatney

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Ethar El-Katatney on Up With Chris Nov. 26 2011

Ethar El-Katatney on Up With Chris Nov. 26 2011

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Ethar El-Katatney on the Charlie Rose show 21 Sept 2011

Ethar El-Katatney on the Charlie Rose show 21 Sept 2011

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Select Conferences and Programs

I've been traveling the world for a decade, lecturing at NGOs, universities and businesses. 
I'm available to speak on digital storytelling, the future of online video, the importance of platform specific content, foreign policy, media in the middle east and cross cultural perceptions and representations.


Lecturer, Journalism: Middle East and America, George Washington University, Washington DC.

Lecturer, Media and Foreign Policy, Global Minnesota, Minnesota


Fellow, Young Entertainment Professional (YEP), HPA, Los Angeles.

Fellow, Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media, Poynter, Florida.
Panelist, Video everywhere: From live coverage to VR, 360 and other innovative formats, ISOJ, Austin, Texas.

Judge, Overseas Press Club Award for Best Digital Reporting.


Panelist, ALF Med Forum, Anna Lindh Foundation, Valetta, Malta.

Panelist, All about Online Video, Media Development Investment Fund, Czech republic.


Panelist, International Women’s Forum World Leadership Conference, IWF, Atlanta.

Participant, Media Expert Roundtable on Intolerance Against Muslims, The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Warsaw, Poland,

Participant, Senior Journalists Seminar, Washington, DC; Nashville, Tennessee; Honolulu, Hawaii; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan,

  • Selected as one of 15 international journalists to spend three weeks touring the world for a program intended to enhance media coverage and elevate the public debate regarding religion and its role in the public sphere.



Lecturer, Egypt after the Spring. European House, Prague, Czech Republic.

Panelist, The Changing Role of the Media in the Contemporary Middle East. The Finnish Institute in the Middle East, Helsinki, Finland.

Panelist, The Arab Spring & Female Journalists. Caffe del Giornalisti, Turin, Italy.

Panelist, The Role of Journalists and the Media in Covering the Transitions and Changes in the Mediterranean Region. Casa Árabe, Madrid, Spain.

Panelist, The Status of the Mass Media in Egypt. European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), Barcelona, Spain.
Panelist, Covering Conflict in the 21st century, World Press Institute, Minnesota.


Panelist, Women’s Contributions for Dialogue and Change. Anna Lindh Foundation, Morocco.

Lecturer, Middle East Institute of Japan, Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan.

  • Spent 10 days lecturing at universities and ministries about the January 25th revolution.



Fellow, World Press Institute, Minnesota, United States, Aug.–Oct. 2011.

  • Chosen as one of 10 international journalists out of hundreds of applicants.

  • Toured 11 states visiting the pressrooms of the biggest news outlets in the country.


Participant, Jan. 25 Egyptian Youth Trip, The Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA), Turkey.

  • Met and interviewed the Turkish president, prime minister, and minister of foreign affairs.


Guest Lecturer, Baltic-Mediterranean Festival, Latvia.

  • Lectured about dialogue and media in three cities in Latvia to university students.



Panelist, Media in the Arab World, APU University, Oita, Japan.

Lecturer, Intercultural Dialogue, AUK University, Kuwait.

Lecturer, Omani Women Journalists Dialogue, Muscat.

Panelist, Media in the Arab World, Tres Culturas Foundation, Seville, Spain.

Panelist, Anna Lindh Forum, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Gave a speech at the opening ceremony in front of 800 representatives of intercultural organizations from 43 countries.

  • Spoke on a panel with the President of Cataluña and a number of ministers.

Participant, Reporting in the Digital Age, ICFJ, Alexandria.

Panelist, Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Press Freedom, Morocco.


Panelist, Investigative Journalism Conference, Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism(ARIJ), Jordan.

Panelist, Nordic Investigative Journalism Conference, Danish Association for Investigative Journalism (FUJ), Denmark.

Participant, International Coverage of Religion, ICFJ, Online.

Panelist, Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT), Qatar.


Mentee, Investigative Reporting for Arab Reporters, ICFJ.

Delegate, The Wergeland Conference, Norway,.

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